Help Where You Need It

Norton Woodworks provides support for innovation and strategy development for firms active in frontier and emerging markets. We specialize in planning and facilitating new ventures for business units undergoing expansion or reengineering.


Our advisory services are bespoke for each client, though the following represent needs we are best suited to fulfill:


Opportunity Profiling

We investigate market opportunities given a clients parameters of geography, product, timeframe, or technology. Using both quantitative and qualitative methods, our specialists provide detailed business plans and recommendations to capitalize on growth. 

Global Task Force

When you need bright, hardworking people with a knack for numbers and a sense of urgency, our team is there to help you. Norton Woodworks sends versatile problem solvers, technicians, documentarians, and strategists where local talent may be hard to find. 

Market Research

Norton WoodWorks investigates market trends by conducting interviews, analyzing risk and rewards, modeling financial scenarios, and summarizing competitive forces. Additionally, we can provide brand inspiration to new and existing products and services provided by your firm.