Business Principles

Service Providing services that exceed our Clients' expectaions is our number one priority. Our ability to keep costs low and expectations high, while providing access to objectively relevant information, opportunities, and analysis sets us apart. This dedication to service means proactively seeking solutions for our Clients beyond the immediate assignment.
Integrity Our reputation and that of our Clients is our most valuable asset. Since we work in a diversity of legal climates, knowledge of and adherence to local laws and regulations is a prerequisite for any field work. While local laws may vary, we strive to always conduct business in a respectful, compassionate, and egalitarian manner. It is our belief that long-term profitability and morality walk hand in hand.
Professionalism We believe the professional quality of our work and the manner in which we conduct ourselves should define quality for all with whom we interact. Our passion for innovation and dedication to thought leadership drives this professionalism. Detail orientation, punctuality, loyalty, and good humor provide the foundation for this quality.
Humanity From our Clients, to our Field Consultants, to our Local Bureau Chiefs, we see the health and welfare of the humans involved in our projects as a nessisary foundation for business. We go to great lengths to safeguard the freedoms, health, and prosperity of all Norton Woodworks personnel and clientele. It is our belief that only when these needs have been met, can business take place successfully.
Collaboration We stress teamwork and effective communication in everything we do. By synthesizing unique points of view, a team of diverse thinkers can more effectively analyze situations and solve problems. We have no tolerance for those who place personal advancement ahead of the interests of the firm and its Clients.
Confidentiality Production and review of confidential and proprietary information is a normal part of Client interactions. To breach a confidence or carelessly use proprietary information would be in violation of every one of these principals which form the backbone of Norton Woodworks & Company
Perspective Long term thinking underpins each Client engagement, as well as the direction of the firm as a whole. We work for the moment, not because as if it were the last, but because it is the first of many to come. Only with the future in mind will we be able to lay the groundwork for meaningful change and lasting value.
Style It is our belief that business is at once both science and art. Our mission is to not just "get the job done," but to do so with a level of character and sophistication that places both our Clients and our firm in a favorable light. We strive to approach all forms of communication, be they traditional documentation or multimedia content, with respect and finesse.